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  • Mags. Included: (1) 30rd Magazine
  • Overall Length (Extended): 34.5″
  • Overall Length (Folded): 25.25″
  • Barrel Length: 16.25″
  • Weight: 6.58 lb
  • Side Folding Stock



KALASHNIKOV RIFLE. The Kalashnikov USA™ KR-9S is our American made 9mm semi-automatic rifle based on the Russian Vityaz-SN submachine gun renowned for its use by Russian armed services and police.

The KR-9 has a 16.25” barrel and accepts 30-round and 10-round USA™ magazines. The KR-9S comes with a skeletonized Vityaz triangle style side folding stock, hinged top cover with attached Picatinny rail and a ½”-28 threaded faux suppressor over the barrel.

Specifications:  KALASHNIKOV RIFLE

  • Mags. Included: (1) 30rd Magazine
  • Overall Length (Extended): 34.5″
  • Overall Length (Folded): 25.25″
  • Barrel Length: 16.25″
  • Weight: 6.58 lb
  • Side Folding Stock

The KALASHNIKOV USA KR-9S 9MM RIFLE is the first semi-automatic rifle manufactured by Kalashnikov USA and is based on a Russian military design. The 16.25″ fluted barrel, chambered for 9mm, will deliver an extremely accurate shot each time you pull the trigger. The folding buttstock in addition offers an additional layer of convenience when storing the gun. With an adjustable length of pull and cheek rest, this gun provides comfort during extended use.

The KR-9s is a semi-automatic rifle specifically designed for use as a PDW. It features a compact design with an overall length of 33” and weight of 7.7lbs. The folding butt stock and side-folding charging handle make the weapon easy to carry and maneuver; while the safety lever and magazine catch can be easily accessed by your thumb.

The Kalashnikov series of rifles from IWI US, Inc. are based on the famous AK47 and AK74 rifles originally designed by Mikhail Kalashnikov. These exceptionally reliable weapons were made for the Soviet Army between 1947 and 1959 and have been used in conflicts around the world.

The Kalashnikov USA KR-9S 9mm Rifle comes with a folding stock and is chambered for 9mm Luger. It features a barrel length of 16.25 inches, black polymer furniture, and polymer handguard. This rifle has a 10-round capacity and can accept standard high-capacity magazines.

The KR-9S is one of the most sought after Kalashnikovs on the market today, and now it’s available with a folding stock! The KR-9S features an 16.25″ barrel, foldable polymer stock and fire selectors: a two position safety that locks the bolt to the rear and provides firing with an empty magazine or safe position that disables all trigger function when engaged. A five-position telescoping stock allows for additional length of pull to suit almost any user. Includes 1 thirty round magazine and 2 QD sling swivels for use with 1913/1913 pattern sling attachments

The KALASHNIKOV KR 9S is an AEG rifle that comes with a 210mm barrel, has an ergonomic real wood grip and stock, and is fitted with a foldable stock for both practicality and ease of storage. The KR series AEGs are powered by an internal 8.4v battery which is stored inside the foregrip on its charging handle. This rifle has amazing range, accuracy and power (380fps out of the box).

The KR-9S is the latest member of the Kalashnikov clan and is available in 13 different variants. At its core, the KR-9S features a chrome-lined barrel, heavy duty bolt carrier group, and hammer forged barrel that combined create a rifle that delivers extreme reliability under harsh conditions.

The KALASHNIKOV USA KR-9S 9MM RIFLE is ideal for your next build. It comes with a 16.25″ barrel, folding stock and accessory rail. The polymer pistol grip and forend are Slip resistant, the full length top Picatinny rail provides mounting versatility for optics, lights and lasers. A threaded muzzle accepts sound suppressors and muzzle brakes

The Kalashnikov-style KR-9S semi-automatic rifle offers a unique look and feel while delivering high performance at an affordable price. The rotary bolt lockup allows for fast follow up shots, while the modified side charger makes loading and unloading easy. The KR-9S receivers are machined out of forged 7075 T6 aluminum billet for strength and durability, and are finished with a Type 3 hard coat anodizing for greater resistance to wear and corrosion. This model features a 16.8 inch barrel, collapsible stock.

This AK-47 rifle has a 16.25″ barrel, and is chambered in 9mm. The barrel has 1:9 twist, which makes shooting a wide range of ammunition easier than ever before. The gun comes with a folding stock, which provides more options for maneuverability, and comfort when shooting. This firearm includes an upgraded trigger, safety selector switch and grip

Kalashnikov rifles were used by the Red Army during World War II, for executions of captured enemy soldiers and for saluting purposes. The most famous bearer of this award was Lev Sporokhin, a Soviet partisan leader who received five Kalashnikov rifles as bounties during his service in World War II.

Thats the reason why the payback period is often a year and a half.


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